If I’m being honest, I love my iPhone.  Cellular signals inside AAFES buildings, though?  I’m not such a fan.

(Disclaimer: Cellular signals suck inside just about every building on base, but picking on AAFES is kind of a hobby of mine.)

So I found out this weekend that if Kaitie and I ever have kids, this whole comic thing may not survive long.  We’ve got a friend’s kiddos for the week, and between homework, feeding them and getting them ready for school, by the time I finished my own domestic responsibilities and sat down to make today’s comic, it quickly became evident I was going to bust my own self-imposed midnight deadline.  As such, I had to dip into the reserve I’ve been building since going to back to M,W, F updates (make no mistake – I still draw seven or more comics a week.)

And now… Monday.