Hey folks, I’m back. It’s been an extremely refreshing several months, and I’ve gotten a lot accomplished during the hiatus, so thank you so much for your patience.

As the comic above states, my new home, for now anyway, is Farvatoons.com. I’ve already put a few strips up, so check it out.

That said, don’t forget about ol’ AFBlues.com.  I’ve joined a comic group with a few other big names in the “military cartooning” industry, if there is such a thing, and soon they’ll begin overhauling this site and a few others to make them just that much better. Something happened here a few months back and we lost a lot of the coding, so the site is looking a little derelict and until the relaunch I have no intention of fixing it.

Please don’t register (actually, you can’t) at the new site. Your registration info, including membership status, will transfer over soon. Year-long memberships will be reset when the new Member’s Section is open.

Lastly, at this time please go through this site – especially the Member’s Section if you have access – and save any comic you really like. I have no intention of taking the archives offline, but I can’t promise they’ll be accessible during the rebuild.

Ok, more news will be announced at – wait for it – Site B. (A tip of the hat to those of you who understand that reference.)